Local Language Exhibitions + Residency

477 25th Street (East Bay)
Oakland, CA 94612

Website 510-879-7705

Local Language is a creative studio and exhibition space curating art collections by emerging and mid-career artists while collaborating with artists and designers to create unique custom artworks and large scale installations.  Our team of visual artists, art consultants, designers, and extraordinary makers design and build art collections that tell the story of each community and location.  

The Artist in Residence program offers space, expertise, and access to our entire studio of digital machinery and tools, along with a budget for materials. Local artists working in a multitude of disciplines are invited to work with our expert technicians in pursuit of their personal art practice for a two-month residency in our studio, culminating in a solo exhibition.  Each artist contributes a unique AIR Edition to the Local Language collection, from sculptural art objects to print editions.

Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday 9-5pm by appointment.  Email us at info@locallanguageart.com.

Photo courtesy of locallanguageart.com

Exhibitions / Events

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