Woodland Whispers (online)

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Woodland Whispers (online)

Jun 25 — Sep 20, 2020

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An expedition in contemporary forest landscapes.

The restorative benefit of connecting with the natural environment is undisputed; a simple pause, a breeze through the grass, sun touching the skin. Any of these experiences, and countless others, can have a positive impact on overall wellness and health of the individual. SLATE leans deep into those contemplative moments with this collection of paintings by guest artists from around the Bay Area.

Finding inspiration in local wooded areas, Jan Wagstaff, Janet Jacobs, and Kathryn St. Clair each bring their unique perspective into focus. Every painting in this collection offers viewers a brief reprieve from the busy energy of contemporary life and are brought together to celebrate the soft and gentle nature of the forest floor.

This exhibition is currently online and will be available for in-person viewing at the San Ramon Valley Conference Center later this year. 

Jan Wagstaff. Color of Shade, Oil on canvas, 36 x 36