“Traces” by Camila Magrane

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“Traces” by Camila Magrane

May 18 — Aug 28, 2021

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Traces by Camila Magrane

On view by appointment May 18 to August 28, 2021

For our spring/summer 2021 season, Themes+Projects presents Traces by Camila Magrane. Traces explores the relationship between the past and the present with a focus on the process of transformation as the connecting thread. The work consists of a series of collages and a collection of Polaroids that are accompanied by animations and video clips seen solely through the use of an augmented reality application (Virtual Mutations).

The scenarios presented in the static images act as literal stages for animated narratives.  What once was a captured single moment echoes into motion, creating an additional layer as to what will come thereafter.  A dialogue between the past and the present is established and the app itself acts as a mediator between these tenses, allowing the observer to have a glimpse of the afterthought. that range from digital collages to Polaroid instant film.

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This exhibition utilizes an added component of augmented reality. To take your in-person experience to another level, please download the iOS or Android Virtual Mutations app prior to your visit.