Timothy Cummings: Muse

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Timothy Cummings: Muse

Nov 14 — Dec 23, 2020

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Catharine Clark Gallery closes its 2020 program with Muse, a solo exhibition of paintings by Timothy Cummings in conjunction with BOXBLUR.As the artist’s first major presentation at the gallery since his 2014 solo exhibitionCloverleaf, Muse marks a strong homecoming for Cummings whose work is informed by his early years in San Francisco and its ethos of queer expression and creative experimentation.The exhibition’s title draws on the classical ideal of the muse as a source of artistic inspiration located outside

Catharine Clark Gallery 248 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 TEL 415.399.1439 www.cclarkgallery.comof the self. Sometimes embodied and other times abstract, a muse asks those who call upon it to surrender to unknown wellsprings of invention that exist outside of a singular genius. Within our present moment, we find muses all around us through collaboration, through creative community, and through chosen familiesof artists, performers, and thinkers that inspire us to envision livelihoods outside of our selves. Cummings, in turn, welcomes us into an imaginative lifeworld of intimate and sensitively rendered portraits tha t reflect on the unbounded space of creative self-fashioning.

Timothy Cummings. New Suit (detail) — 2020; gouache on paper; 20 1/2 x 14 1/2 inches framed