The Portrait Show IX Opening Reception

Modern Eden Gallery

The Portrait Show IX Opening Reception

Jun 12 —

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Since 2011 we have curated this annual exhibition in celebration of the painted portrait. Over the last decade we’ve featured some of the top contemporary painters of today, and presented themes that pushed the boundaries of traditional and academic portraiture. This year we opened up our invitational format to seek new submissions from our extended community of artists. We were both overwhelmed and honored by the response we received. We are thrilled to welcome 80 exhibiting artists, including 45 new artists to Modern Eden who will be exhibiting with us for the first time!

Participating Artists: Adam Caldwell, Akilah Watts, Alanis Forde, Aleksandra Apocalisse, Alexandra Verhoven, Amy Gibson, Angelique Benicio, Ania Tomicka, Archer Dougherty, Ashley Marie, Calvin Lai, Camila Fernandez, Carrie Ann Baade, Cassandra Kim, Catherine Kaleel, Catherine Moore, Chris Leib, Christina Ridgeway, Colete Martin, Craig LaRotonda, Dan Cimmerman, Dan Cohen, David Molesky, Diana Ormanzhi, Eddie O Rodriguez, Erica Calardo, Erin Kono, Frank Oriti, Happy D., Henry Schreiber, J. Henry, J.L. King, Jackie Gallagher, Jaclyn Alderete, Jasmine Worth, Joseph Fischer, Jaxon Northon, Jel Ena, Jennifer Allnutt, John Walker, Juan Manuel Sanabria, Kassie McMahon, Keight MacLean, Kiersten Young, Kremena Chipilova, Kristen Margiotta, Lara Dann, Laura Atkins, Laura Buss, Leilani Bustamante, Liese Chavez, Lisa Alonzo, Luis Aleman, Luis Tinoco, Marc Scheff, Marek Osedowski, Marie-Eve Proteau, Mary Chiaramonte, Matthew Robertson, Michael Foulkroud, Monty Guy, Nadezda, Nahuel Ferriera, Olivia Di Gregorio, Primary Hughes, Richard Salcido, Robert Bowen, Rodrigo Cifuentes , Ryan Martin, Sandra Yagi, Sean Ghobad, Sergio Lopez, Shane Izykowski, Sierk van Meeuwen, Sofia Venegas, Spencer Davie, Stephane Freese, Steve Sangapore, Terry Ribera, Tiffany Dae, Vakseen, Winterteeth