The Dilexi Multi-Venue Retrospective

Exhibitions Crown Point Press

The Dilexi Multi-Venue Retrospective

Jun 8 — Jul 27, 2019

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Join us at a reception on Saturday, June 8, 4-6 PM

Crown Point Press is one of five galleries participating in The Dilexi Multi-Venue Retrospective, a series of exhibitions held this summer in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The series, organized by Laura Whitcomb with Label Curatorial, focuses on the artists and history of San Francisco’s Dilexi Gallery (1958-1969). Crown Point’s exhibition, June 8 – July 27, centers on Beulah Land, a bound book of 15 etchings by Fred Martin with hand coloring by the artist. The work was printed by Crown Point’s founder, Kathan Brown, and exhibited at the Dilexi Gallery in 1967.

Fred Martin. Page from Beulah Land, a bound book of etchings by Fred Martin, 1966.