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Aug 5 — Aug 27, 2020

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August 5 – August 27, 2020

Andrea Schwartz Gallery is pleased to announce a thematic group show entitled “Stitch” that includes five artists who incorporate or work solely with natural or synthetic fibers and/or components such as fabric, yarn, beading or found objects.

I have always been fascinated with textile art and to then successfully include collage, whether it be paper, fabric, string, sequin, and more, takes the work to yet another dimension.” – Andrea Schwartz

We are excited to present such a talented group of artists that express their message through these mediums.

Natalie Ciccoricco

Catherine Dudley

Matthew Pawlowski

Chuck Stolarek

Susie Taylor

Natalie Ciccoricco experiments with the combination of found objects with embroidery thread. In her work you will often see old images, books, and natural materials being repurposed in the hope of bringing new life and appreciation to these objects. Natalie’s most recent work, The Nesting Series, includes sticks or rocks from walks during quarantine. She explores the juxtaposition between geometric shapes and organic elements.

Catherine Dudley’s textiles show layered arrangements of color and texture inspired by the surrounding nature, architecture and urban landscape. Through the process of recurrent construction, deconstruction, and recombination of materials, Catherine portrays feelings of familiarity, nostalgia, connection and accessibility.

Matthew Pawlowski utilizes needlework, a traditionally feminine art form, to reflect on gay culture and the evolving way the queer community interprets (and re-interprets) its identity. By creating a visual medium to reconsider the symbolism, history and representation of gay culture, he explores the conflict between acceptance and “otherness.”

Chuck Stolarek explores the overlapping of humor, confusion, and belonging in his work. As a textile artist, he incorporates print, clothing, embroidery and beading as a way to mend together disjointed storytelling and brings about a welcome diversion from everyday dialogue.

Susie Taylor’s work follows the Bauhaus approach of combining art, design and craft. With the use of a loom and linen yarn, she creates works of geometric abstraction that address pattern, symmetry and positive and negative space. Taylor thrives working between the push and pull of limitation and possibility.


Dwelling, Natalie Ciccoricco