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Stephanie Robison, Hard Felt

Mar 15 — Apr 29, 2023

Marrow Gallery presents Hard Felt, the second solo exhibition from Stephanie Robison. The Oakland based artist works in marble and hand felted wool. Robison’s sculptures are signifiers of the tangibility and transformation of materials; the artist’s hand is omnipresent in the manipulation and metamorphosis as two disparate materials evolve into organic forms. Representing body parts, flora, fauna and ideas found in nature, these marble and wool objects become de facto examples of the strange and obscure occurrences that we see everyday. The combination of the physicality of the process and the labor-intensive demands of the materials allows for a focused, slowing down and becomes a meditation on what is happening around and within the artist, her response to the materials, and finding the forms through action and reaction. There will be a closing reception on Saturday, April 29th from 5-7. 



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