Anthony Kyle Hall: THIS MOMENT

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Anthony Kyle Hall: THIS MOMENT

Jun 4 — Jun 13, 2020

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In response to current events, we installed Anthony Kyle Hall’s Surface Motifs in our Lake Street Window. Check the website to see Hall’s IdentIfying Flawed Value in the 12th Avenue window. Or see them in person through June 13. Windows on view 24/7.

“At the center of my work is documenting my personal narratives in response to current cultural and social climates. Through exploring the gap between existing and perceived spaces of existence, reality vs. channels of distorted information – the goal is to highlight substance in the human experience at large. Themes and subject matter dictate the visual aesthetics and materials used, and over time this is to be the vehicle for visual ideas to deepen and evolve.” –Anthony Kyle Hall

To see a virtual portfolio of Hall’s work, click here.

Anthony Kyle Hall. SURFACE MOTIFS — 2019 Mixed Media 46″ x 62″