“Some Really Great Things” Group Show

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“Some Really Great Things” Group Show

Jul 8 — Aug 27, 2022

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July 8 to August 27, 2022


1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco


Nancy Toomey Fine Art is pleased to announce a group exhibition titled Some Really Great Things, on view from July 8 to August 27, 2022, with works by Miya Ando, Jud Bergeron, Casper Brindle, Claire Burbridge, Brian Dettmer, Chris Natrop, Matthew Picton, Gregg Renfrow, Carole Silverstein, and Ray Turner. The gallery is located inside San Francisco’s Minnesota Street Project, 1275 Minnesota Street. Gallery hours are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, 12pm to 4pm, and by appointment–please contact nancy@nancytoomeyfineart.com or 415-307-9038.

The public is invited to the exhibition reception at the gallery on Saturday, August 6, from 3pm to 5pm.

Traditionally, the season of summer suggests a relaxed and joyful response to long slow days that serve as templates of calm. As global events and at-home shenanigans unfold, that quiet tranquility has been upended. This exhibition allows our gallery artists to demonstrate and translate the enormity of our world to a scale that is more relatable, exploring the role of perception and innovative use of material to create its own meaningful experience.

All the works and artists featured here express the concept of this topic in their own individual styles: the ongoing exploration of radiant and reflective surfaces continues with new work by Miya Ando and Casper Brindle, while the poured minimalist work of Gregg Renfrow creates layers of overlapping hues that appear to be glowing form within. Claire Burbridge and Chris Natrop depict rich tapestries of real and imagined flora through their respective mark-making and cutting, creating worlds in which color, shadow and form coalesce into meticulous works of art that reference landscape and natural phenomena. Brian Dettmer and Matthew Picton share a process that cuts and reconstructs collated images providing a lens in which the viewer can find their own recognition of the patterns of history, while Carole Silverstein invites us to slow down and dream with her traces of patterns from many cultures and places in an effort to understand and embody the sacred languages they symbolize. Finally, a layered landscape painting by Ray Turner is aptly titled “With Solace,” while the ceramic works by Jud Bergeron are an exuberant experiment in material and technique in a medium he only began to explore at the onset of the pandemic, as they were the only materials he had on hand.

All of the artworks exhibited present the viewer with the opportunity to experience the world, real or imagined, through a twenty-first century lens transcribed through each artists’ perception and process. Though uncertainty reigns, these works counter existential foreboding by offering visions of future days.


Miya Ando, Yuugumo (Evening Cloud), 2022
Micronized pure silver, pigment, urethane, dye, resin, aluminum
48 inches diameter


Jud Bergeron, Grid, 2022
Hand glazed ceramics with wood backing frame
7 inches each, 41 inches all
Open edition, each with unique glaze


Casper Brindle, Radiant Blur, 2020
Acrylic, automotive paint, resin on panel
72 x 48 inches


Claire Burbridge, Unified Field 2, 2022
Watercolor, pen and ink, salt crystals on Yupo paper
60 x 59 inches (framed)


Chris Natrop, Strong Emergence 1, 2022
Acrylic on paper, 28 x 30.75 inches (framed)


Matthew Picton, The Music Stops, 2022
Cut archival pigment prints
36 x 30.5 inches


Gregg Renfrow, Chambers, 2022
Polymer, pigment on cast acrylic
20 x 18 inches


Carole Silverstein, what I love so fiercely, 2018
Acrylic ink on mylar, 40 x 36 inches


Ray Turner, With Solace, 2014
Oil on canvas, 45 x 44 inches


Brian Dettmer, Word in Space, 2020
Paperback books, acrylic varnish,
acrylic, aluminum, concrete base
64.5 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches


Brian Dettmer, Two Cities, 2020
Paperback book, acrylic varnish
7.25 x 7 x 3 inches


Brian Dettmer, Copperfield, 2020
Paperback book, acrylic varnish
7.25 x 5.375 x 1.875 inches


Brian Dettmer, Twist, 2020
Paperback book, acrylic varnish
7.5 x 2.75 x 2.875 inches