Sally Smith: Burn Rate


Sally Smith: Burn Rate

Jun 8 —


60SIX Off-site Location:  Artist’s studio at 2844 Forest Avenue Berkeley, CA 94705

Pop-up Reception Date & Time:  Saturday, June 8, 5:30-8pm (one night only)

Sally Kristina Smith presents her second solo show with 60SIX, “Burn Rate,” a series of drawings and mixed media paintings on linen and paper, created with charcoal the artist concocts by burning things.

In this series she burns objects, food and money, sometimes mixing it with oil paint. Burned pages from Trump’s “Art of the Deal, Playboy magazines, a Mormon hymnal and the artist’s urine find their way into Smith’s transmutation of matter. The artist’s atypical process seems a sublimation of our political and cultural alchemical mess. In Smith’s hands the end product is a fine rythmic order made with enigmatic materials.

This one night pop up reception takes place in the artist’s large studio/gallery space in the historic garage built in 1911 to house the cars of lumber baron Charles Axel Smith. Later
in the century, artists George Miyasaki and Charles Strong set up studios in the converted garage. The garage is still sporting its original ball-bearing automobile turntable and sliding glass-paned garage doors.

Smith received her B.A. in music and human biology from Stanford University and earned a law degree from the University of Utah. She studied drawing and painting at the
Cambridge Center Studio School in Massachusetts. Smith’s work can be found in art collections worldwide including the Hanjin Shipping Company, Seoul, Korea, and private collections in Berlin, Cologne, Zurich, Boston, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sally Smith. Kompromat No. 2, 19x20”