Ruth Le Roux – A Mountain of Hills

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Ruth Le Roux – A Mountain of Hills

Mar 6 — Apr 24, 2021

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Local Language is pleased to present our first exhibition of 2021 – A Mountain of Hills by Artist in Residence Ruth Le Roux, on view Saturdays from 1-5pm.  A mountain (a collective noun for hills) is a place to escape for adventure, but also a place where one can find solace. Similarly, Le Roux views her artistic journey as beginning with expressive, bold painting and ending with meditative mark-making. The second aspect of her process could not take place without the first, and that tension transforms the first painting into something layered and altogether new.

The white hash marks of the printed acrylic overlays produced during her Local Language residency are a callback to the start of her artistic path, when she studied woodcuts and linocut printmaking. “I don’t have the patience now to dive into that process of drawing, cutting, printing, then cutting again, so I was really excited when I discovered that drawing white lines and marks over an otherwise chaotic painting was the best of both worlds.” The resulting artworks are colorful and layered, physical in their dimensionality and graphic in their window-like viewpoints, harkening to worlds both real and mythical.

Ruth Le Roux is a South African artist currently living in Oakland. Her work draws primarily on the theme of nature, where she feels the most at home. Growing up in the mountainous region of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Le Roux would often hike alone as a child. Her work is additionally informed by her interests in graphic design and interior design, as well as her experiences abroad. She has lived in many different countries since childhood, including England, Scotland, Taiwan, and Argentina. Formally untrained, she is a newcomer to the art scene and started painting four years ago when pregnant with her first child. Her multimedia practice includes collage, drawing, and painting.

The exhibition will be open to the public on Saturdays, from 1-5pm.

Ruth Le Roux. A Mountain of Hills — Artist in Residence