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Pati Baztán: Earth Skin

Mar 2 — Apr 1, 2023

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is delighted to present Earth Skin, an exhibition of recent work by Pati Baztán. Living and working in the golden countryside outside Barcelona, Baztán creates large-scale abstract artworks that awaken an intuitive way of experiencing the world.

With their boldly expressive forms and tonal contrasts, Baztán’s monumental works captivate the viewer at a visceral level. Such is the core of her mission: to transport us to a realm that is pre-verbal and categorically authentic. Through her art, we get to bask in unmediated sensation, and commune directly with nature and its elements: the interplay of light and shadow, the give-and-take of erosion and deposition, the ebbing and flowing of water.

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