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“Singularities” at TINT Gallery, 149 Gough St.

Mar 2 — Apr 21, 2024

TINT Gallery is pleased to announce “Singularities,” featuring works by Ramiro Cairo and Minami Oya.

On view March 2 – April 21

Both artists explore emotions through geometric compositions. Oya expresses humanity’s fragility and strength through her chosen medium of glass. Cairo explores the physical effects of tension through three-dimensional works.

Cairo plays with optics, organizing shapes, lines, and colors through three-dimensional materials like piano wire, tinted polycarbonate, and plexiglass on a kaolin clay plane. He conveys movement through tension and visual effects to create geometric designs that play with materiality and dimension.

On view in “Singularities” is Cairo’s “Tension and Release” series that came out of the pandemic. Like many others, he was confronted with the fear of the unknown. This uncertainty inspired deep introspection and prompted him to study how others were grappling with a worldwide lockdown. He observed and documented a variety of feelings, resonating with a selection of words, good or bad, that encompassed this experience. Tension, fragility, true or false, illusion, interior, uncertainty, optimism, balance, hope, empathy, and harmony. The result is a body of work that first translates feelings into words, and then words into abstract geometric forms.

Primarily working in glass, Oya believes the medium reflects conflicting human qualities: fragility and strength, transparency and opacity, darkness and light. She describes glass’s capacity to be hurtful or shatter with mishandling or be soothing to a careful touch. Her abstraction, geometric forms, and monochromatic color palette provide an opportunity for contemplation and personal interpretation.

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