New Print Edition by Devin Leonardi

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New Print Edition by Devin Leonardi

Dec 22 — Jan 10, 2021

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Altman Siegel is pleased to offer a new posthumous print edition by Devin Leonardi. This reproduction print is based on his seminal painting from 2009, Two Friends on the Shore of Long Island. It is newly available in an edition of one hundred.

“Of all the contradictions that define modern life, none seems more persistent than the growing sense that everything is getting worse at the same time that our technological and material conditions are getting better. After all, the more we submit to innovation the harder it becomes to determine whether or not technology is in fact cheapening the very things it was designed to improve.”    – Devin Leonardi (1981-2014)

In 2009, Devin Leonardi painted the beloved work, Two Friends on the Shore of Long Island, which was inspired by found historical photographs. Moving out of the bleached light common to old photographs, the painting glows with the gentle radiance of moonlight and dawn. Using a limited palette of black, blue, and green, Leonardi re-situates the subjects among the cool shades of night. He balances the figures between the vastness of a landscape lost in time and the close gaze of the camera that has preserved their likeness. In order to heighten this sense of transience, Leonardi referenced pictures in which people move freely through a landscape still relatively unbound by industrialization.

Two Friends on the Shore of Long Island has been in a private collection since it was made, but images of the work circulate abundantly on the internet. This inspiring painting has taken on a life of its own in the years since it was created. We are delighted to be able to offer it again to a larger audience in time for the holidays.


For more information and to purchase please contact or 415-576-9300.

Drew Leonardi. Two Friends on the Shore of Long Island — 2009 - 2020, Estate stamp and edition number on verso, Epson inkjet print, 21 1/2 x 28 7/8 print size, 25 x 32 1/2 paper size, Edition of 100