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MASS The Biggest Little Show

Nov 11 — Dec 1, 2023

In a world where size is often equated with significance, we challenge that notion, inviting artists to explore the paradox of creating small works that command a massive presence. MASS is about the profound power and impact that can be conveyed in a few square inches, and the way an art piece, no matter how small, can fill a room with its essence. We call on artists to tap into their ability to evoke grand ideas and prove that art’s influence isn’t bound by its physical size, but by the magnitude of its spirit.

Featuring: Alexis Trice, Allison Bamcat, Amy Guidry, Angelique Benicio, Aunia Kahn, Bob Doucette, Caroline Gaudreault, Catherine Moore, Daniel Segrove, Daryll Peirce, Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, E.E. Kono, Gabriela Sincich, Genevive Zacconi, Heidi Taillefer, Henry Schreiber, Jeannie L. Paske, Jel Ena, Jenna Wing-Hu, Jessica Dalva, Jessica So Ren Tang, John Walker, Karen Remsen, Kaysha Siemens, Lacey Bryant, Linda Larson, Luis Tinoco, Martin Hsu, Mary Syring, Melissa Morgan, Michael Campbell, Michael Koehler, Min Kyung Kwon, Morgan Booth, Natascia Raffio, Nico Cathcart, Pony Ma, Ron Norman, Rupy Kaloti, Ryan Martin, Sandra Yagi, Sea Monster, Shannon Taylor, Stephanie Jucker, Sybiline, Tosin Kalejaye, Valéry VECU Quitard, Vincent Fink, and Ximena Rendón.


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