Linear Interplay

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Linear Interplay

Mar 1 — Apr 27, 2019

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SLATE contemporary is pleased to present Linear Interplay: featuring two painters and one sculptor. Linear Interplay exhibits works of varying materials that explore angle, line, vantage point, and dimension.

Lisa Kairos‘ art process combines site-specific exploration with a studio practice. Kairos selects sites that, hold the tension between the natural and human elements of landscape, usually the remainders and margins of urban space, or land that has been shaped by use and infrastructure. In the studio, she excavates the relationship between the illusion of depth and the limitations of the picture plane, suggesting structures and boundaries, movement and porosity. Ryan Bucko creates compositions by contrasting semblances of iconic architecture from the 20th century against the dynamic textures of abstract expressionism. Linework, constructed of wire and thread, control the various line weights which hover over the painting’s surface. This interplay juxtaposes the technical precision of architecture and the world of the abstract. D’lisa Creager‘s copper wire sculptures undulate with curves and layering lines. Each piece holds form and texture that is best observed up close where the talented execution of the artist’s hand is evident.  Her sculptures interact with whatever space they occupy as when hung from the ceiling, they cast shadows on the walls and floors around them, changing throughout the course of the day.

Opening Reception + Artists’ Talk Friday March 1st, 6-9pm