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Heather Patterson | Earth Storm

May 8 — Jun 13, 2024

Opening Reception May 8, 5:30 – 7:30pm

Andrea Schwartz Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo show with Heather Patterson.

“Spending a significant amount of time absorbed in nature is essential to my foundation and is when I feel most grounded.” – Heather Patterson

Heather Patterson is fascinated by the constant fluidity of the natural world. There is an ever-changing flow of storms, patterns, decay, and regeneration taking place. Inspired by this shifting data, Patterson documented and incorporated her own findings in this new body of work. Layered on the surface, evidence of the shifts in daily temperatures, precipitation levels, and storm patterns of her environment are revealed.

Earth has no borders, though people have created geometric boundaries using dotted lines and symbols on maps to divide and record their environment. Patterson uses the same technique in her work, creating a visual map of her own abstracted terrain. Through her work she shares her deep appreciation and respect for the natural world, celebrating the strength of our planet and its resilience to replenish itself.