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Hardcore Threadlore | Susie Taylor, Terri Friedman, Dance Doyle

Nov 3 — Dec 30, 2023

Three game-changing contemporary artists are joining up for an explosive show, Hardcore Threadlore, at Johansson Projects, opening November 3, 2023. The artists, Terri Friedman, Dance Doyle, and Susie Taylor create contemporary art through woven structures, dyed fibers and sometimes a bold use of mixed media. Their work shares a language with abstract and figurative painting, and is composed of bright, iconic colors that evoke nostalgia, pulling you into the scenes that are woven.

With the intersection unification of warp and weft, Terri Friedman’s work attempts to weave new neural pathways on her loom and in her brain to combat a climate of anxiety and instability. Neuroplasticity and the brain’s ability to repair neural pathways have informed Friedman’s work, encouraging viewers to consider “What could go right?” instead of asking what will go wrong.

Dance Doyle is also a master weaver with a second foundation in sculpture, who uses the woven structure of tapestry to tell shaped, vibrant narratives of people in over-populated city environments. Using mixed media and dyed fiber, Dance’s work is packed with atmosphere, nostalgia, movement, and urban mysticism. 

Susie Taylor’s woven works explore color interaction and the perception of dimension & volume. Using high-contrast and multi-colored yarns, she is finding connections between weaving and pointillism where the interlacement of yarns creates discernible tones and textures that mix in the viewer’s eye. Susie works in the lineage of the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College weavers that incorporate art, design, and craft sensibilities.

Hardcore Threadlore runs from November 2 – December 30, 2023 with an artist reception on Friday, November 3, 5-8pm. Johansson Projects is open to the public Thur – Sat 1-5pm.


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