Fractal new work by Seiko Tachibana

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Fractal new work by Seiko Tachibana

Dec 2 — Jan 27, 2018

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Fractal new work by Seiko Tachibana

On view December 2 to January 27, 2018

Artist Reception: Saturday January 6, 6-8pm

For our winter exhibition, Themes+Projects gallery presents “Fractal” new paintings by Seiko Tachibana. The concept that many small pieces come together to make up a larger whole has been a central theme in Seiko’s artwork.  In previous series, she has created works, in which elements functioned like organic building blocks: atoms form a molecule, molecules form a compound, compounds form a cell, cells form an organism, and so on. The marks, lines, shapes, colors, and textures that are the basic language of Seiko’s work form a kind of network structure, a system of interconnected nodes that seem energized by their interaction within the network. In the interdependence, the synergy, and the flow of meaning and significance within these networks, there is subtle and profound beauty.

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medium: acrylic, ink, paper/canvas, wood panel.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm

Closed on Sunday and Monday.


1275 Minnesota Street #205

San Francisco CA 94107

Seiko Tachibana. Connection Milky Way o-4 — medium: acrylic, ink, paper/canvas, wood panel