Found Object Facsimile

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Found Object Facsimile

Jun 3 — Jul 10, 2022

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Work by Bill Abright, Daniel McClain, Claudia Tarantino

Opening Reception: Sunday, June 5th from 2-5 pm


Transmission Gallery San Francisco presents Found Object Facsimile, exploring still life through exquisitely crafted replication and trompe l’ oeil artworks by Bill Abright, Daniel McClain and Claudia Tarantino. Wash baskets, cookie tins, buttons, shells, twigs, flowers, bandaids and wire hangers are just a few of the objects immortalized in clay, acrylic, graphite, watercolor and colored pencil on view at Transmission.

Claudia Tarantino‘s assembled porcelain pieces are carefully chosen to evoke recognition and connection focusing on the humble details of home, food and family.  Teetering at times in unlikely stacks, a lifetime of collected objects form the foundation of her works, delighting the viewer in their complexity and precision.

Bill Abright creates naturalistic elements in clay reflective of rocks, bones, shells, sticks and driftwood, piecing them together in turn to create abstracted sculptures often representing wildlife. Intriguing and mysterious, bird assemblages are well represented in the exhibition, among other works reflective of Abright’s interest in the woodland habitat surrounding his home and studio.

Daniel McClain thoughtfully selects particular objects for still life drawings and mixed media paintings executed on the remnants of books. Mounted floating away from the wall, they hover in isolation, specific and meaningful. McClain’s extraordinary facsimile handiwork is worth a careful examination in the real. Note the recreation of library book labels, or the importance assigned an iconic coffee mug or rubber glove.

All are invited to the Opening Reception, Sunday, June 5th from 2-5 pm at 35 Bartlett St. in San Francisco, one block off Mission between 21st and 22nd St. There is a City parking garage across the street, enter from 21st St., and easy BART access from the 24th St. Mission Station.

See our website for more about the artists and the exhibition.

Also on view, Ken Kalman: Door and Dog, sculpture in the widow at Transmission Gallery San Francisco.

Artwork images – Top: Daniel McClain, Sunflowers, 12”h x 21”w; Lower left: Bill Abright, Shelter in Place, 12.5″h x 17″w x 7″d; Lower right: Claudia Tarantino, The Three Graces, 8.5”H x 11”w x 10”d

Dan McClain, Bill Abright and Claudia Tarantino. Found Object Facimiles — Sunflowers, Shelter in Place, Three Graces