Fondamenta / A solo presentation with K.R.M. Mooney

Altman Siegel

Fondamenta / A solo presentation with K.R.M. Mooney

Jun 5 — Jul 5, 2020

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Altman Siegel is pleased to announce our participation in Fondamenta, a curated online project presented by Artissima, taking place June 5 – July 5, 2020.

Conceived as part of the 2020 fair’s work in progress, Fondamenta considers the factors that are transforming our globalized art world. It is an invitation to experiment and respond creatively to the frenetic standstill in which we find ourselves in this challenging present. Fondamenta – the Italian for ‘Foundations’, a nod to galleries as wholly fundamental to the existence of art fairs and the art market, will offer an insight into Artissima’s research process, exactly five months ahead of the 2020 edition of the fair in Turin (November 6 – 8, preview November 5).

Presented on the Artissima website, Fondamenta offers a virtual selection of approximately 200 art works (priced up to 15,000 Euros and rotated if sold), presented by Italian and international exhibitors from Artissima 2019. Each gallery will show works by one selected artist which will be displayed in virtual versions of the five sections of the physical fair: Present Future, Back to the Future, Disegni, New Entries, and the Main Section.

Fondamenta is not a viewing-room, exhibition or a digital replacement for the fair, but rather a shared perspective on contemporary artistic practices, with a focus on experimental curation.

A collaborative project with galleries, and for galleries, Fondamenta is an opportunity for them to connect and exchange ideas with their peers and the public.


Trained as a jeweler, artist K.R.M. Mooney is interested in the porous materiality of objects, bodies and spaces. Through a sequence of abstract object-based networks, the artist incorporates the materials of previously organized systems – electrical conduit, clarinet keys, metal alloys- and mobile agents such as moisture, plant life, chemicals and elemental compounds.

K.R.M. Mooney. Joan Green, Bimetal IV, 2017, Steel conduit, linear fluorescent, polyurethane fitting, electrical splicing ribbon, fluval tank heater, cast lavender, silver, steel binding wire, 112 x 12 x 12 in