David Edwards: Biomorphic ~ Metal Drawings, Paintings, and Sculpture

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David Edwards: Biomorphic ~ Metal Drawings, Paintings, and Sculpture

May 26 — Aug 8, 2021

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Avenue 12 Gallery is excited to present a solo exhibition of
David Edwards: Biomorphic

David Edwards has always been fascinated with the materiality of the world around him. Wood, steel, plaster, and the newer polymers.

The term “Biomorphic” is used as coined by Alfred H Barr for MoMA in 1939:

“Curvilinear rather than rectilinear, decorative rather than structural and romantic
rather than classical in its exaltation of the mystical, the spontaneous and the irrational.”

Metal Drawings
Edwards creates his metal drawings by liberating the shapes from his paintings and enlarging them to “life size”. A plasma cutter is used to express the shapes in metal with layers of acrylic applied to finish the process.

Rich with layers of texture, these abstract organic forms seem to seep, step, and scurry across and through walls, ceilings and corners. One cannot help but notice that there is indeed a familiarity with these shapes. Some drawings may appear to be resting, many are actively diving or accelerating into or away from each other. These can meet multiple categorizations: smaller groupings can be seen as paintings. A larger group, as seen at the gallery, is an installation that immerses the viewer with both Edwards’ and their own imagination.

David Edwards. Biomorphic Window Installation