Danae Mattes: Terraqueous

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Danae Mattes: Terraqueous

Sep 1 — Oct 1, 2022

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Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to present Terraqueous, an exhibition of new work by Danae Mattes.

Over a career of heartful experimentation and commune with clay, Mattes has developed a unique language of art-making using the earth as both subject and material. She references and recreates alluvial environments, her work is both an ode to and enactment of the natural processes of the earth. This two-fold exhibition showcases Mattes’ signature wall works alongside new elements of video and photographic media.

Danae Mattes. Subterranean Pools, 2022 | Clay, mica, aluminum, and pigment on canvas | 90 x 65 inches