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Construction in Depth at Sin Título Gallery

Jan 19 — Mar 23, 2023

Artistic creation is a form of knowledge and a reflection that materializes the depth of the mind. This can be witnessed in the exhibition of recent works by Claudia Martínez Lanz and Paula Valenzuela who explore the complexity of human beings, their transformation, and the underlying connections in the universe.

These artists explore both their surroundings and their inner being. Their work highlights the importance of the natural environment and state of mind as the trigger for the moment of creation. While Valenzuela searches for random and more organic compositions, Martínez Lanz studies proportion and symmetric geometry. Both artists reject premeditation and apply spontaneity in their respective work.

Due to the strong focus on materials, their work can be linked to the Informalism art movement, more prone to individual subjectivity than Abstract Expressionism and yet gestural and intuitive. Texture is visible and predominant with a palette that is more about harmony and less about contrast. Texture and text are related since both words have the same origin and refer to the orientation and disposition of elements on a surface. While both text and texture are the external appearance of things, they contain something more essential and more intimate that is only discovered with prolonged contemplation. The works can be appreciated through a sensitive interpretation that is nourished by memory and the viewer’s imagination.

Claudia Martínez Lanz and Paula Valenzuela converge in a patient accumulation of steps where techniques are hybrid; images become abstract, rectify the direction, superimpose and articulate subjects and forms, and avoid the representation of the figure.

Construction in Depth is an example of art concepts that are open and that recreate the symbolic relationship between the unconscious and the tangible.

Maliyel Beverido, Art Mediator
January 2023