Connie Goldman – Sight/Unseen January 4th – February 15th

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Connie Goldman – Sight/Unseen January 4th – February 15th

Jan 4 — Feb 15, 2023

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K Imperial Fine Art is pleased to present Sight/Unseen, an exhibition of new work by contemporary artist Connie Goldman.
Connie Goldman tackles the same questions and curiosities that many artists do – pondering existence, and the interrelationships of all existing things. In her work, she uses forms of great simplicity to depict vast, complex concepts regarding space, life, science, and music. Specifically in Sight/Unseen, Goldman homes in on notions of expansion, duality, and definition, in regards to space. Space in Goldman’s work is a meditation on physical space in the tangible planes of her work, but also a meditation on outer space, the universe, and the expanse of the
unknown in all its forms.

Space, whether occupied or unoccupied, has a way of punctuating what it contains and what it is close to. Connie contemplates this unique and symbiotic dynamic in the lines that simultaneously define and divide the subtle, geometric arrangements in her work. The artist compares this duality to the interrelation of sound and silence in music and positive and negative space in art. While admiring the correlations of different kinds of space, Goldman also encourages viewers to think of that space as a depiction of what is known and unknown, both literally and metaphorically. As humans, we know such a limited amount about the universe we live in. And the enormity of what we do not know defines our existence as much as what we do know does. Connie states, “I want to convey both the activeness of the picture planes and a sense of uneasy equilibrium.” This concept is expertly executed through the strategic, minimal, but energetically charged shapes that Connie employs in her work. The formal variety in weight, direction and line all comingle to demonstrate different converging vectors of color and shape tautly held in place, but teeming with possibility, just like the familiar but unknown space around us in the great beyond.

Goldman has a BA in psychology from UT Austin and an MFA from the San Francisco Art
Institute. She taught art at the university level in the Bay Area and now maintains a full-time studio in Petaluma, CA.

Connie_Goldman_Sight Unseen II 17x19x2_Oil on Panel_2021