Closing Reception for Josephine Taylor: Beside Me

Catharine Clark Gallery

Closing Reception for Josephine Taylor: Beside Me

Oct 13, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Join us for a closing reception for Josephine Taylor’s solo exhibition, Beside Me, including a special record listening party. Bring an LP with your favorite song, share a few words about what it means to you, and listen to records as we celebrate Taylor’s stunning show about intimacy, friendship and the power of art and music to bring us closer together.

Josephine Taylor’s solo exhibition of new works on paper explore the limits of subjectivity, and how portraiture can push against – and slip past – the boundaries of time, memory, and subjecthood itself. Taylor’s exhibition is presented in conjunction with Catharine Clark Gallery’s BOX BLUR initiative of performance based-programing (now in its third year), which will kick off with a performance by Rastegar at Catharine Clark Gallery on September 8, following Taylor’s opening.

Taylor’s works on paper are complemented by a media room presentation of Dylan Diaries (2018), her first video collaboration with interdisciplinary artist Jon Bernson. Dylan Diaries is composed of four, one-shot videos of Taylor in her home studio. Each video is structured as a call-and-response in which Taylor types replies to lyrics from songs by Bob Dylan–whose music was the soundtrack of her childhood–with alternating shots between the artist at her desk and her written responses as they generate on the computer screen. Though the camera remains fixed and the location consistent, the audio (by Bernson) is captured with a roving microphone that moves throughout Taylor’s apartment, capturing the sound of Bob Dylan’s music as it interacts with the changing acoustics of the physical environment. The soundtrack evokes the presence of an unseen observer and listener, who bears momentary witness–an approach that reveals not only the sounds of Dylan’s songs, but the acoustic imprint of Taylor’s home, as well as of her habitual movements and environmental surroundings.

Josephine Taylor. Letter to Hermione — Graphite on paper, 22 x 14 inches.