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Charlotte Evans, “Let’s Plant Trees and Watch Them Grow”

Apr 3 — May 4, 2024

Marrow Gallery is pleased to present new works from the painter Charlotte Evans. Working in oils, the paintings are highly saturated, celebrations of color. Figures populate landscapes; though the figures often remain isolated from one another. The work is ornamental, often theatrical; the figures are like actors on stage and making reference to Victorian theater cutouts,  employing color and pattern in place of conventional drawing techniques, like perspective, to add depth and define layers in the paintings. Evans references Italian Renaissance art and Moghul Miniatures and frequently borrows both pictorial and compositional elements from each. The scale of the works range from relatable, domestic- the size of a bathroom mirror for instance- to life size, allowing the viewer to become a part of the painting.


About Charlotte Evans

Born in 1981 in London, England, now based in Toronto, Canada. She has shown at venues including Candida Stevens Gallery, UK, First Street Gallery, New York, 3Walls, Brooklyn. She has been featured in London Paint Club, Orion Magazine, RiseArt and the Times Magazine. Her work is included in the Imperial College Healthcare Art Collection, London, UK, Heartwood Wealth Management, London, UK, Targetfollow Group, London, UK, UBS Bank, London, UK.


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