Carrie Ann Plank

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Carrie Ann Plank

Jun 12 — Jul 18, 2020

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As we continue to social distance, Themes + Projects would like to share with you a special online exhibition showcasing twelve prints by Carrie Ann Plank. This online exhibition will be on view for a limited time. While we have pressed the pause button on Carrie Ann Plank‘s spring exhibition, Matematisk, you can still visit the exhibition online or check out our virtual visit.
Fascinated by how principal and equation can be visually rendered, Plank works with multiple layers of data visualization such as: mapping, numerical sequences, fractals, wave patterns, sound sources, magnetic field variations, and other systems of scientific observations. The end result is mesmerizing.

Carrie Ann Plank. Annuli (Outward), 19” x 19,” Pochoir on paper