“If I Only Had a Brain” by David Buckingham

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“If I Only Had a Brain” by David Buckingham

Feb 1 — Feb 28, 2018

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Caldwell Snyder Gallery invites you to join us for the opening reception with new work by David Buckingham in “If I Only Had a Brain” on Thursday, February 1st, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at our San Francisco location. Exhibition continues through February 28th.

Part sculpture, part assemblage, David Buckinghamʼs bold, provocative art begins in the California desert, where he scours remote landscapes for what he calls “beautiful, battered metal, material thatʼs had a previous life and the scars to prove it: old tractors, hay balers, cotton pickers, rice threshers, school buses.” Having hauled masses of rainbow-colored steel back to his Los Angeles studio, he cuts, welds, and wrestles the pieces into works often inspired by movies, advertising, and music. In his newest work, Buckingham continues to expand on his playful, powerful motifs, with geometric abstractions recalling Op Art and color field painting, and vibrant wall sculptures shaped like pistols and iconic road signs.

David Buckingham. Thboom! — David Buckingham with new exhibition work, Thboom!