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“bit by bit” group exhibition, Saturday, Nov. 11-Nov 19. 455A Valencia st. SF

Nov 11 — Dec 9, 2023

60SIX presents a group exhibition “bit by bit” featuring diverse artists in a show of drawings, paintings and film.

The show highlights the film “ONFF”,  a collaboration by Silvia Nonnenmacher and Jürgen Trautwein, observing our obsessions with technology and portraying our vulnerability in becoming willing addicts…as the artists write, “exploitable for perpetual digital harvest.” It is executed with a minimalist aesthetic, using simple pen and ink drawings on letter size paper. The film is on view in the de Young open exhibition, 2023.

Brent Willson uses childlike mark-making, pictographs, and symbols  as a language of the subconscious mind.  New drawings and collages deal with themes of  A.I…trust, fear and awareness. Leigh Barbier presents work from a series of surreal stylized narrative drawings and paintings which explore themes of transformation and healing. Toby Hill presents a new series of paintings, “Where floating mountains and fog eaters meet” which explores the spirit resonance of his surroundings in Anderson Valley.  Isabelle Maynard’s canvases combine drawing and painting originating by her process  drawing with her eyes closed, then working intuitively in the piece.  Sally Smith presents drawings and mixed media paintings on linen and paper, created with charcoal she concocts by burning everyday things. The artist’s atypical process seems a sublimation of our political and cultural alchemical mess. Visual artist and composer Peter Whitehead presents new work from his series “Homage to homage to the square” utilizing harmonious sequences with the most elemental visual forms, layered grids of squares. Aaron MacLachlan presents drawings born within the angst of the pandemc…art as meditation.  Justin Erwin presents small works on paper and wood. On the raw wood the artist’s marks both respond to patterns inherent in the material and create new vibrating fields. Influences are Bruce Connor, heavy metal music and his work as a professional gardener.

Reception: Sat. 11/11, 5-8pm 455A Valencia SF

open hours at Valencia: Sun. Nov 12 by appointment, Fri. Nov 17 by appointment and open Sat. Nov. 18 1:30-6pm

after Nov. 19 view an abbreviated show at 12 Elgin Park, SF by appointment 415-577-4396