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African Aesthetics = Ashé [From the Private Collection of an Artist]

Dec 17 — Feb 18, 2023

Rena Bransten Gallery is pleased to present a holiday season exhibition featuring a selection of artworks produced by traditional and contemporary African artists with the aim of promoting the appreciation and collection of arts from across the African continent. Varying in style, age, and purpose, the works on exhibit include masks, ancestor figures, ritual objects, and more.

A necessity for African artists is that the resulting works possess Ashé,” or life-force power, with the process of making a transformation in which various materials and forms are brought together to create an object that stands forth with Ashé. The use of materials and processes in the objects on view here shows a tendency among African makers to incorporate whatever is necessary in order to realize their vision and purpose.

It is hoped that this exhibition will broaden gallery visitors’ view of African art and lead to an understanding of how such objects have influenced many 20th century artists.


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