Founded in 1972, the San Francisco Art Dealers Association (SFADA) seeks to promote the highest standards of connoisseurship, scholarship and ethical practice within the gallery community.

SFADA contributes to the advancement of fine art in the San Francisco Bay Area by investing in the professional development of its members and forging relationships with both public and private organizations. Our members’ exhibitions and collections feature a range of works across media from the historic to the contemporary, including sculpture, painting, works on paper, textiles, video, film and installations. We present work by emerging and midcareer artists as well as early, modern and contemporary masters. Membership is by invitation only.


“If it seems to you that the gallery scene in the Bay Area has picked up in the past 18 months or so, I think you’re right. One reason for that, surely, is the launch of new and expanded efforts meant to take advantage of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s reopening. . . .  But it’s not just the sense of expanding gallery square footage. There is an increasing willingness among gallerists to make financial gambles on art that itself embraces risk. That’s growth of the best kind.  My job is to focus on ideas and images. But it stands to reason that if there’s no market for challenging art, there will be fewer opportunities to engage with it outside museums and other nonprofits — which have their own limitations. That’s why I have great respect for how the galleries here have newly committed to work more collaboratively, and to educate themselves and each other on best practices in the field.  The vehicle they have employed is a reinvigorated San Francisco Art Dealers Association, founded in 1972 and now with a membership of 51 galleries, plus eight retired associates. Among other trade organization-type activities, they’ve held discussions on such subjects as “how to strategize about art fairs” and “how to work with museums,” and mounted a two-day law and art business forum.”

Charles Desmarais, Art Critic, San Francisco Chronicle, October 2016

SFADA Board of Directors

President:  Jenny Baie, Rena Bransten Gallery

Vice President:  Eleanor Harwood, Eleanor Harwood Gallery

Treasurer:  Danielle Fox, SLATE contemporary

Secretary:  Clark Buckner, Telematic Media Arts

Member:  Julie Casemore, Casemore Gallery

Member:  Becky Koblick, Altman Siegel

Executive Director:  Steve Zavattero

Founder: Ruth Braunstein