Brian Gross Fine Art

248 Utah Street (potrero hill)
San Francisco, CA 94103

Website 415.788.1050

About Brian Gross Fine Art

Brian Gross Fine Art was established in 1990 in the Union Square area. In 1995, the gallery moved to 49 Geary, where it remained for 18 years before moving to 248 Utah Street in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. The gallery has maintained an active exhibition program, mounting 6–8 exhibitions per year. BGFA’s record has been distinguished by its thoughtfully curated installations, the quality and strength of the art it has presented, and the validation of numerous critical reviews. Over years, it has won the respect of the international community of artists, collectors, curators and colleagues.

In 2013, Brian Gross became one of the forerunners creating a new visual arts district in San Francisco. The landmark space at 248 Utah Street is a spacious, re-purposed venue in the vibrant Potrero Hill / Design District neighborhood. BGFA took a former 1930’s door factory and transformed it into an elegant, minimalist space for its exhibitions. The bold relocation of BGFA has added to the emerging cultural character of the Mission/Potrero/Dogpatch area, and the gallery has become a San Francisco art destination.

Gallery Artists

Peter Alexander, Joe Amrhein, Estate of Robert Arneson, Andrew Belschner, Estate of Karl Benjamin, Tony Berlant, Estate of Chad Buck, Marco Casentini, Freddy Chandra, Estate of Roy De Forest, Josh Dov, Donald Feasél, Linda Fleming, Adam Fowler, Teo González, Dana Hart-Stone, Robert Hudson, Cheonae Kim, Keira Kotler, Pard Morrison, Ed Moses, Sono Osato, Ruth Pastine, Meridel Rubenstein, Robert Sagerman, Phil Sims, Stephen Sollins, Estate of Leo Valledor, Andrea Way, Rex Yuasa

Exhibitions / Events