Will Yackulic: New Weights & Measures

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Will Yackulic: New Weights & Measures

Apr 27 — May 27, 2017

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Gregory Lind Gallery is pleased to present “New Weights & Measures” by Will Yackulic. This marks the artist’s fifth solo show with the gallery.

Yackulic’s new body of work features a variety of media to address global catastrophic risk in the present era. But how are we to understand ‘the present era’? Is it the Holocene, the geological epoch that began 11,700 years ago? Many scientists agree recent alterations in Earth’s biosphere, brought about by human activities, indicate a new age: the Anthropocene. Or, in the terms of more radical theorists, we might dub the present era the Capitalocene, specifically connecting current planetary crises to capitalism’s imperatives. Given that methods of measuring, sorting and ranking are necessary for a market economy to function, New Weights & Measures particularly attends to how we attempt to quantify global catastrophic risk while maintaining ‘business as usual.’

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 27 (5-7:30PM)

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Will Yackulic. Device for Systematic Assymetry, 2015-16, brass