Sarah Williams: Twilight Towns

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Sarah Williams: Twilight Towns

Oct 7 — Nov 12, 2020

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Andrea Schwartz Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition with Sarah Williams.

“I use darkness to edit out extraneous information and provide the viewer with the essence of the place.” – Sarah Williams

Having grown up in North Missouri, Sarah Williams draws from her personal experiences and environment to create realistic scenes of small town America. As an artist, Williams is drawn to light sources and the play of light on surfaces. This has led her to paint nightscapes of the rural Midwest, from unremarkable buildings to neighborhood homes with Christmas lights. By painting these structures and scenes, Williams transforms them from insignificant to significant.

Through her work, Williams was able to combat the initial home sickness she felt the first time she moved away from her home town to pursue her MFA degree. Understanding that she will never truly be home again, her paintings have become a kind of souvenir of the places she has left behind and the structures she knows so intimately. Williams depictions of the rural Midwest speak to people regardless of where they call home. Williams hopes her work inspires people to think about where they come from and to take pride in the collective identity of their home region.

Sarah Williams. Iberia Road — oil on board, 18 x 30 inches