Opening Reception for Ricardo Mazal: New Work

Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery

Opening Reception for Ricardo Mazal: New Work

Jun 10, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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June 10 – August 12, 2017
Please join us for the opening reception:
Saturday, June 10th
2:00 – 5:00 pm 

Born in Mexico City in 1950, Mazal moved to Barcelona Spain in 1986 and since 1990 has lived and worked in New York City, as well as Santa Fe, New Mexico.Mazal’s work explores the process of visual perception as it takes form in the human consciousness. His paintings depict the passage of time, not by illustrating events but by leaving their residue to dissipate in space like a still photograph of a speeding object blurred to abstraction.

Ricardo Mazal creates his paintings by applying several layers of color with horizontal and vertical pulls of long foam rubber blades loaded with paint. He then wipes away with a similar dry blade leaving a trail of infused pigment, a diary of a sort that chronicles this trans-formative process. Revealed are veiled layers of information, each exposing its own structure and texture depending on the pressure, velocity and paint load of each gesture. The viewer’s eye slips through the parted seams that form from where one stroke ends and another begins exploring each successive layer underneath.

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Ricardo Mazal. Red 4, 2017 — Oil on linen 71 x 82 inches