Nicolò Sertorio: Once We Were Here

Exhibitions Corden Potts Gallery

Nicolò Sertorio: Once We Were Here

Sep 7 — Oct 21, 2017

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Speaking about Once We Were Here, Nicolò says his intent is to show the viewer a hypothetical world where humanity’s insatiable consumption has led to a landscape where humanity has disappeared and only nature remains.
Presented as an archeological study on the nature of co-existence, it is Nicolò’s hope that we can still assume both global and individual responsibility; that we can still change our path forward.
Nicolò Sertorio is an award-winning, internationally exhibited artist with over 15 years of experience in visual storytelling.
He works in fine art and commercial photography, mixed media, collaboration, and conceptual art. His photographs directly respond to the surrounding environment by emphasizing the aesthetics of everyday experiences. A disconcerting beauty emerges from the multiple layers of Nicolò’s dramatic meaning.
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