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Nov 3 — Jan 6, 2018

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Michelle Blade’s solo exhibition transcends the apocalyptic with her lucid landscapes and totemic sculptures.  

Johansson Projects presents Partnerlook, a solo show by Michelle Blade. In this exhibition the paintings and ceramic sculpture look toward one another in conversation, echoing aesthetic similarities and mimicking their investigation of the natural world and humanity’s role within it. At times bleeding into abstraction, the works portray a vibrant cosmos of form and texture. Figures gather in celestial, psychological landscapes, bearing witness to both the beautiful and the apocalyptic. Emblematic sculptures spread throughout the exhibition act as candle-bearers for this mortal venture, signifying humanity’s symbiotic relationship with the natural world. These terrains offer something just beyond our collective understanding, divulging no visionary gains, they are simply a mirror of arresting times.

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