John Bonick and Tracy Krumm – New works

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John Bonick and Tracy Krumm – New works

Sep 6 — Oct 6, 2017

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John Bonick and Tracy Krumm – New works  

September 6 – October 6, 2017

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 6, 5:30 – 7:30

Andrea Schwartz Gallery is pleased to announce a two-person exhibition by John Bonick and Tracy Krumm.


“These paintings are visual abstractions of energies I have experienced.  They are images, aspirations, and illusions.” – John Bonick


John Bonick’s paintings are made up of overlapping lines that intertwine with all other elements within his compositions.  He deals with concerns of what it means to live during this time.  A time of intersection, where forces of energy cross, divide, converge, meet or not meet – a time where interaction is both possible and impossible.


“The core of my studio practice lies in the engagement with labor-as-medium.  This involves intensive and repetitive fabrication methods that influence the creative experience through their meditative and transcendental aspects.” – Tracy Krumm


In Tracy Krumm’s latest series, her work focuses on complex constructed forms integrated with refabricated and refinished found objects as the building blocks.  Employing the art of crochet and blacksmithing, she searches for a marriage of her ideas with the process of her hand.  Krumm explores patterns, form, and use of multiple parts to speak to ideas about simultaneous occurrence, mimicry, tessellation, and mutation.

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Tracy Krumm, Collared (Choker) (Alternative view), crocheted and fabricated metal - 15 x 18 inches