Heather Patterson: Reclaimed Terrain

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Heather Patterson: Reclaimed Terrain

Nov 18 — Dec 22, 2020

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Andrea Schwartz Gallery will be closed until April 7th. The well-being of our staff, customers, and the community remain our top priority, and we will continue to adapt and adjust these measures due to the evolving circumstances. We are working remotely and we can be reached at sales@asgallery.com

Heather Patterson’s exhibition that was due to open April 1st has been postponed. The opening will now take place on November 18th.


Andrea Schwartz Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo show with Heather Patterson.

“The transformation of the environment and the effects of climate change deeply influence my work.” – Heather Patterson

Heather Patterson’s work documents the ever-changing landscape and the impact humans have on the environment around them. She recreates geographic pattens and then layers them, creating a new and abstracted terrain. This combination of forms utilizes imagery such as computer generated weather patterns, cellular structures, water movement patterns, and other natural phenomena.

Patterson’s work acknowledges our constant evolution, propelled by technological advances, while satisfying the innate human desire for the natural world. She focuses on the repetition and recurrence of patterns found in the natural phenomena that inspires her, and the intertwining of geometric and organic forms become an important part of her process.

Heather Patterson. Verdant Matter — mixed media on panel, 40 x 60 inches