Gay Outlaw: Ozone

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Gay Outlaw: Ozone

Sep 9 — Oct 14, 2017

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Anglim Gilbert Gallery is pleased to present Ozone, an exhibition of new sculptural works by Gay Outlaw.

Gay Outlaw furthers her experiment with material and form in a new body of work that brings into playful confrontation innovative attitudes with time-tested sculptural techniques. Outlaw’s ventures employ less common crafts like bronze welded from sheets and glass kiln-fired in molds. The resulting sculptures celebrate traditional properties of the materials (for example, reflective color in glass, mottled patinas of bronze, grainy warmth of wood) while directing new experiences through unexpected mash-ups. Several works in glass invest in the material’s ability to capture the flow of color. Two free-standing sculptures in bronze embrace the possibilities of volume and surface–one is welded from patinated planes of bronze sheeting, another is cast bronze enlivened with ovals of thick encaustic paint.  The exhibition includes the latest in Outlaw’s ongoing series of color digital photographs eclipsed by a floating cloud of opaque pate de verre glass. 
Outlaw’s exhibition will feature a new series of eleven glass sculptures laid out on a long bleached-wood table with an asymmetrical banked surface. The Sunset Meatloaf series of colorful rectangular blocks are spectral variations that read as miniature abstract studies–even though they are based on the American dinner staple, the meatloaf.
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