David Bayus: Chapel Perilous


David Bayus: Chapel Perilous

Sep 2 — Oct 7, 2017

Chapel Perilous, Bass & Reiner’s first show with San Francisco based artist David Bayus, is the premiere of his new and highly anticipated video work, Session Two. Presented along with new sculptures, drawings and digital images that seem like artifacts from the world he has created, this exhibition continues the artist’s exploration in building narrative work.

Chapel Perilous seeks to place the viewer in a believable reality which they struggle to reconcile; stuck between dichotomies of city and country, the scientific and the spiritual. Using cinematic, industrial, and digital motifs, Bayus stitches together a multimedia exhibition composed of artifacts and documentation from a dark reflection of our own broken present.

Trained as a painter, Bayus taught himself to use digital composition tools in order to speed up his own painting and drawing work, eventually turning towards the expediency of these tools to build animated and time based work. Session Two marks another big leap in Bayus’ practice – an increased presence of his own body featured in the film.