Chris Doyle: The Parables of Correction

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Chris Doyle: The Parables of Correction

Sep 12 — Oct 17, 2020

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Catharine Clark Gallery opens its fall program with The Parables of Correction, a solo exhibition of new animations and paintings by Chris Doyle, on view September 12 – October 17, 2020.

The Parables of Correction is comprised of sixteen animations that transport viewers to a vibrant but phantasmagoric world where monstrous humanoids operate strange machines that produce unknown, neon-colored substances that ricochet and travel across a dense network of arteries and apertures. Doyle writes that each animation depicts a ”workstation within an imagined factory. Like organs in a body, each station has its own function that serves a larger, interconnected system”. Across these animations, viewers watch the lifespan of a material unfold as it’s manufactured by one part of a system, transported to another, transformed into energy, and eventually reduced to waste – only to be recycled and for the process to begin again.

Alternative perspectives on the world described in the animations, both macro and micro, can be seen in a new series of watercolors and enamel paintings on panel. Richly evocative in their own right, Doyle’s paintings shift the viewer’s focus to the intricate details within the animations – the nodes, tendrils, and lattices that comprise the complex environments of the media works.

Click here to read the full press release for the exhibition.

Click here to preview works in the exhibition, and click here to view a video interview between Doyle and gallery director Anton Stuebner (recorded in April 2020), in which Doyle discusses his inspirations for his upcoming show.

Join us for an informal opening day celebration on Saturday, September 12 from 11am – 5pm. We will be observing social distancing and limited capacity, with masks required for entry. While Doyle will not be able to attend the opening, staff will be happy to walk visitors through the exhibition. Click here to RSVP via Eventbrite.

Chris Doyle. Emanation8.1a, 2020; enamel on board, augmented reality; 10 x 10 inches