Angela Johal

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Angela Johal

Mar 31 — Apr 29, 2017

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Johal’s geometric paintings are reflective of the formal aspects of mid-century California hard-edge painting and the excitement, interplay, and subtlety of color of the color field and Op art painters. The artist uses her flat, painted surfaces to create a sense of three dimensional space.

Johal writes, “In my painting, I aim to create a visual grammar that all people and languages can understand. Paintings should resonate with a quick intuitive understanding and bring joy to the viewer, and this can happen when both the physical and spiritual worlds are given a more equal emphasis. I paint with striped diagonal or circular bands of color which forces illusionistic space out of my painting. I want the flatness of the painting, color and geometric shapes to be the subject rather than to create false illusions of things like representational art does when it draws from nature or fabricated worlds.”

Angela Johal holds a BFA in Painting from San Jose State University and is represented by Slate Contemporary Gallery in Oakland.  Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in venues throughout the Bay Area.

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Angela Johal. Converging Colour No.1 — 2016, acrylic polymer on canvas, 60 x 48